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Our Story

Since inception, our work ethic principle of taking care of customers first, then computers has resulted in satisfied clients. We treat each single issue or project as if it were our own, which results in efficient results and a reasonable cost. SQL Pager strongly believes each customer should know the cost structure before approving the work. Overall, our tech support team is comprised of a wealth of talent and experience. The majority of our IT team has been with us since the inception, providing professional, dedicated IT support. Upon receiving your inquiry, we’ll assign a tech expert who is specialized within the scope of your issue. Then, we’ll work to resolve your IT request.

Our goals

Top-notch Parts

Should your computer, server or network computer ever need to have either of its parts of the hardware to be replaced, be sure that our stock of high-quality replacement parts will make that possible!

Skilled Technicians

A team of our computer technicians, with a combined practice spanning over a few decades, will be able to help you with absolutely any kind of a tech issue that you might ever bump into! Their total vast practice span is simply amazing!

Customer-friendly staff

Our focus is to provide a top-notch, personalized and fast service! This means that despite having many clients. our technicians dedicate the time required for each of them!

Affordable Pricing

We never try to take advantage of you and make you pay astronomical fees! Our pricing policy is always fair and balanced!

We're growing fast,
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